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The smartphone case for those who&rsquo,d rather go without: meet the new and improved XQISIT Flex Case. It protects your beloved device without hiding its beauty. It is slim, light as can be and made of resilient FleXQ&trade,, which means it is easy to put on and take off.

You&rsquo,d be surprised at the amount of attention to detail that goes into developing a minimalist clear case. The new anti-UV-yellowing formula ensures its clarity is preserved and the inner dotted texture prevents smudges and stickiness. This is protection that does its work without drawing attention to itself.

  • Effective protection with a minimalist design ,
  • Made of FleXQ&trade, &ndash, resilient and protective
  • Perfectly transparent ,&ndash, showcases the device
  • Long-lasting clarity &ndash, anti-UV-yellowing technology
  • Anti-stick &ndash, dotted inner texture ,