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It&rsquo,s a wallet and it&rsquo,s a case, but not just any wallet case. The removable magnetic inner case can be used by itself as slim protection that is also compatible with XQISIT magnetic car phone holders. And if that weren&rsquo,t practical enough, the case can be magnetically attached to the wallet cover, which features card slots and a generous banknote pocket for your essentials. The cover can be also be conveniently folded to double as an adjustable stand. You&rsquo,ve got all-around protection for your phone with a whole lot of practical features on the side. Plus, you can say goodbye to your wallet and have one less thing to worry about when you leave the house in a rush.

  • 2 in 1 all-around protection: wallet and removable magnetic case
  • Integrated magnet &ndash, holds the inner case and the smartphone in place
  • Multifunctional &ndash, compatible with XQISIT magnetic car phone holders
  • Practical inner slots and pocket &ndash, for cards and banknotes