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One day we all got together and decided we wanted to make something truly different. Something that would stand out, yet feel like home. We thought, &ldquo,Let&rsquo,s make a case that doesnt feel like one.&rdquo, The NUSON brings together all the signature elements that make Apple design, Apple. Design that is nurtured on Marc NUSONs genius, harmonizing seamlessly with the device&rsquo,s own.,Lets walk you through it.The main frame consists of a robust, co-molded TPU - ideal for absorbing the harshest drops. This is complemented with a translucent, black-tinted PC cover, firmly fitted atop a TPU mesh. This combination of materials and structure allows it to effectively disperse the force of impact while at the same time revealing your phone&rsquo,s original design.&nbsp,It doesnt stop there.&nbsp,The case&rsquo,s frame is supported by a raised TPE bumper, reinforcing the rim and preventing sharp falls from %1ta