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They say that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. They say it&rsquo,s relative to one&rsquo,s particular taste. With the Phantom we wanted to make something that would resonate with both. The Phantom stays true to its name by taking a step back and revealing your phone&rsquo,s design and true colors. Its crystalline body holds a series of features all geared towards protecting your phone with the added perk of full disclosure. The devil is in the details. A premium grade soft TPU shell ensures your smartphone remains free from scratches while simultaneously absorbing the brunt of the impact. This couple with a high-quality TPE frame, gives the Phantom that extra edge. Your phone, unbound.

  • Soft shell TPU shields your phone from drops and falls
  • Black camera ring ideal for photos using flash
  • Premium grade TPE frame for enhanced shock absorption
  • Raised frame for additional impact protection