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We humans have evolved into somewhat pragmatic beings, and don�t exactly fancy lugging around two-ton stones in our pockets, ,XQISIT has come up with a practical alternative for our mobile protection woes. The ,Glossy iPlate for the iPhone 5/5s ,is composed of a robust, polycarbonate shell, molded to perfectly snap onto your device&rsquo,s frame � all with a single click. If that weren�t enough, the case&rsquo,s transparent surface reveals your device&rsquo,s original design in full glory � after all, you did pick it for a reason. Add to that easy-access features and your gadget retains all the functionality while keeping it safe from fire-breathing dragons, rampaging trolls and hysterical krakens. And clumsy hands of course.

  • Easy access to all ports
  • Hard polycarbonate case
  • One-click attachment
  • Transparent look
  • Glossy finish