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In this world, there are secret agents like James Bond... and then there are secret agents like you. Mr. Bond, the fittest, most cunning, persuasive and sexy... while you, Klutz, Big Klutz, might still need some training before you can secure your spot as a Double-O. 

But in the meantime, don't sweat it. We've got you covered -- or rather, we've got your phone covered with this secret-agent-proof iPhone 7 Plus Waterproof Case. Should you choose to accept this most superior of iPhone cases, your fears about keeping your most precious gadget safe will be forever eliminated.

A super strong aluminum alloy bumper protects the entire exterior of your phone, including those fancy new double cameras you'll be using to get HQ photos of your villain's lair. Better yet, you'll have control over the look of your case (yes, even rookies get to make some choices about their gadgets) because this bumper comes in six different colors. And, unlike other iPhone 7 Plus cases, the case also features a clear back to show off your phone’s sleek, Bond-esque style. 

In addition, the heavy duty scratch-resistant screen guard keeps your screen scratch-free during every tussle, tiff, brawl-- and yes, Klutz, every fall. Unlike other phone cases, this case's screen guard has full touch sensitivity, so you’ll never again struggle to access your iPhone 7 Plus at crucial moments. 

With other iPhone 7 Plus cases, you have to rely completely on your phone's built-in waterproof protection-- which, given your line of work, is probably not the brightest of choices. From speed boat chases to submarine cars to impromptu underwater battles, you seem to find yourself in, around, and underwater a lot. With Ghostek, you can rest assured that your phone case has been proven to remain functional in up to one meter of water for up to thirty minutes, which should be plenty of time for you to kick some villain butt and get to dry land.

As for the mission details from M that you store and protect via Touch ID?  Thanks to its Touch ID compatibility, this case keeps all that data secure and accessible to only you and only you. In fact, all buttons, ports, and exterior controls of your phone will remain accessible with this iPhone 7 Plus Waterproof Case.

Best of all, unlike the gadgets Q gives you, this iPhone 7 Plus Waterproof Case is has a lifetime warranty. No matter what damage you do when you’re out in the field, you’ll always know that your your phone case can and will be replaced.

Designed by Ghostek in New York

  • State of the Art Full Body Shell Construction 
  • Advanced Shockproof, Impact & Drop Protection 
  • Industrial Strength Aluminum Alloy Frame 
  • Heavy Duty Touch Sensitive Screen Protector (Attached) 
  • Raised Rubberized Corners & Bezel 
  • Military Grade Standard Drop Tested 
  • Supports Wireless Charging 
  • Touch ID Fingerprint Compatible 
  • All Buttons, Ports & Controls Are Easily Accessible 
  • Tested For Up To 1-Meter Deep & 30 Minutes in the Water 
  • 6 Trendy Color Alloy Bumpers with Clear Backs to Choose From 
  • Ghostek's Limited Lifetime Exchange Warranty Included

60+ klientów już kupiło

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Ghostek - iPhone 7/8 Plus Waterproof Case Atomic 3 Series, Black (GHOCAS478)

Szerintem egy kicsit túl van hájpolva ez a tok,a kijelzőt az ütésekkel szemben egy vékony plexi védi, illetve a tok a telefon szélén 1,5-2,5mm magaságban megemelték, h ha pofára esik mint a zsiroskenyér ne legyen gond. Hátul szép tejüveg szerű matt kemeény műanyag nagyon komoly megjelenést biztosít a toknak és a diszkrét márka megnevezés is szuperül áll rajta. Működik a némító gomb a telefon oldalán igaz ettől féltem h mi lesz vele de elég gyorsan megszoktam h egy batár nagy csavart kell tekergetni, ettől olyan elpusztíthatatlan kinézete van :D Viszont a lényeg h 100% vízálló nincs mese a mikrofonokat és a hangszorókat is lezárták és ez is para volt h nem veszti e el a telefon a lényeget és hallok e illetve hallanak e mindent telefonálás közben és csodák csodájára működik. Összeségében egy szuper tok és csak a kijelző védelmet keveslem benne de nagyon szuper lett!
-100% vízálló -valószínűleg az ütéseket is elég jól bírja
-Szerintem hiányos (,vagy gyenge) kijelző védelem -Ára