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You know the struggle of being undercover without the right cover for you, right? As a secret agent, sleuthing anywhere, from the jungles to the concrete jungle, you need the right protection to keep up with your dynamic mission log. With the LG G5 case, the only case you have to worry about is the one you are on at the moment. 

Want to make sure you can walk away from cool explosions without having the screen explode itself? This LG case comes with an explosion proof screen protector to keep your screen shatter free without taking away from your moment of sheer awesomeness. The screen protector is scratch proof and the case itself has raised to ensure ultimate defense. 

How about when you are on those missions where you are dressed to the tee and you need a phone case that is up to par with your bow tie or elegant dress? No worries.  The slim design of this LG case comes in five different shiny colors: red, rose, dark grey, gold, and clear to match your shoes while being almost as stylish as you will be.

And for those agents who are precise-like cutting the right wire on the bomb type of precise- never fret because the phone case has precise cut outs on the frame around the headphone and microphone jack so you can plug in those fancy accessory gadgets you have been meaning to get around to using. 

Even though aesthetics are quite the appeal to any secret agent’s collection of gadgets and gizmos, you know protection is of the utmost importance. Protection and safety is what has gotten you this far in the undercover world, so you need a case that can match. Well, this LG G5 case holds cutting edge technology. It absorbs the impact on its bumpers to diffuse any shockwaves or shaky situations. The result? An unharmed phone for a veteran agent like yourself, which is priceless. And speaking of price, the LG G5 case will not break your bank, unlike other phone cases out there.

You have been around the block and seen it all as a secret agent, so get yourself the case that will not only match your good charms but also your action packed and unpredictable lifestyle. Think about it this way… if in the unfortunate event you are caught by your arch nemesis, would you want to be caught dead with some flimsy, dull case? I think not.

  • PRECISELY CUT: Precise cutouts on the frame of the case ensure the smoothest connectivity and access to both the microphone and headset jack 
  • 5-COLORS TO CHOOSE FROM: Comes in five sleek and shiny colors such as clear, rose, red, dark grey and gold 
  • SPRING BUMPERS: Corners equipped with cutting edge spring bumpers to lessen bumps and shocks when dropped 
  • COMES WITH AN EXPLOSION-PROOF SCREEN PROTECTOR: Explosion proof screen protector ensures to defend against tough scratches, unexpected shatters and sudden falls 
  • This Case Comes With Ghostek's Lifetime Limited Exchange Warranty. Your case is covered, no matter where you and your globe-trotting life take it. 
  • Slim and sleek design makes protection not only look stylish but also ensures functionality is not compromised. 
  • Raised bevels on the case ensures extra screen protection, creating a height buffer between the screen and surfaces it may come in contact with. 
  • Impact absorbing design diffuses impact throughout the body of the case instead of through your phone, protecting it from any sudden hits.