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  • Standby Time: 540 Hours
  • Talk Time: 15 Hours
  • Music Play Time: 14 Hours
  • Signal - To - Noise: ?85dB
  • Sound Pressure Level: 103 ± 3dB
  • Impedance: 32 ? +/-15% 
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20 KHz
  • 40mm Driver
  • Bluetooth Version: 4.0 +EDR
  • Bluetooth Profiles: HSP,HFP,A2DP, AVRCP
  • Wireless Range: 30 Feet
  • Pairing Name: Cannon

Dash Hudson made the right choices in life. 

Hard work, grit, and perseverance paid off. You are now a spy with The Agency, fighting crime and trying to keep the people in the country safe and sound. 

Your recent mission has sent you to an underground club, and you have been told to go undercover as a DJ. Luckily, you have the Ghostek Cannon Wireless Headphones handy to complete your look. You are not worried about playing DJ because you worked part-time as one during college. Dash Hudson is a smart man with a complete background! 

The mission entails you to get information on the drug deals going on in the club, and find the drug dealer. Because you can connect your Ghostek Cannon Wireless Headphones to your phone via Bluetooth, you can keep in constant touch with The Agency. People at the club will think you are just listening to music, while you are communicating with The Agency – a perfect cover indeed! 

You see a couple of people enter the backroom, and decide to check it out during your break. On your way to the room, you drop your Ghostek Cannon Wireless Headphones. You are not worried about anything happening to your headphones because they are ultra-durable. You take a look around before you use your lock picks to break into the room. 

As soon as you enter the room, you know you have hit the jackpot. There are traces of heroin everywhere. You head to the lone desk in the room and search through it to find some evidence. In the last drawer, you find a diary containing all the information about the people the dealer sells drugs to. You take it with you, and get out of the room. 

You get back on stage, start playing the music, and give The Agency a call. You let them know that you have found evidence to shut down the club and ask them to send backup. Luckily for you, the drug dealer also enters the club with his latest girlfriend. You smugly think that this mission could not have gone any smoother. Dash Hudson is getting it done again; this is why he is the best spy The Agency has. 

You are almost done with your shift at the club, and that’s when the guys from The Agency storm in. You hand them the evidence, single out the drug dealer, and head home. All you want to do now is sleep for eight hours straight! You have earned that right! 

Then Dash Hudson will get up and wait for his next assignment.

Designed by Ghostek in New York



  • Premium Leather & Mesh Headband, Flexible & Ultra Durable 
  • Foldable Ear Cups (Storage Pouch Included) 
  • Perforated Aluminum for Open-Back Studio Quality Sound Experience 
  • MultiFunction Keys: Power On/Off, Answer/Reject Calls, Pause/Play Music 
  • You Can Connect the Cannon's To Virtually Any Bluetooth Enabled Device from a Distance Of 30-Feet 
  • Includes a Detachable Male to Male 3.5MM Auxiliary Audio Line Cable & USB Charging Cable 
  • These Headphones Come With Ghostek's 1-Year Limited Exchange Warranty
  • Bluetooth
  • Kolor
  • Series