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The thing about smartphones is that they�re not just phones. They&rsquo,re pretty smart too. We use them to call people, get calls from others and even check our e-mails. But you knew that already. They also are pretty handy at getting us from A to B (especially for those of us with no sense of direction whatsoever). Thanks to XQISIT&rsquo,s Universal Car Holder, now you can have your own portable navigator aid you on all of your road trips and wanderings. Just press the holder&rsquo,s suction cup against your windshield (preferably in such a way where you can still see what&rsquo,s ahead of you) and adjust the holder&rsquo,s grip to fit your device. Do away with all the hassle of constantly checking whether you missed a turn and ended up on the wrong side of the tracks. Driving just became all the more enjoyable.

  • Suction cup base for easy mounting.
  • Ideal for phones 58 - 88 mm wide.
  • Adjustable grip for device of choice.
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